Why ‘go Renewable’?

Renewable Energy means getting more from less. Our systems will reduce your bills, lower your environmental impact and generate income.

When most people think about Renewable Energy they think about Solar Electric Panels or Wind Turbines. This is well intentioned but misguided; one should look to reduce consumption before looking at generating energy. Once you have reduced your consumption you’ll need smaller generation systems – saving you money.

But there is a little talked about side effect of these improvements: they make your home more cosy. Too many people come home and crank the heating up then have to open windows when it gets too hot. This is mad: it is about controlling heat loss so that your home stays at a comfortable median temperature.

Really Renewable was established to help people understand and benefit from the savings and generous Government incentives for installing Solar Electric (PV) systems. We started in Hertfordshire and now have teams estimating and installing across the UK.

We now offer a wide range of Renewable Energy Technologies including Solar Electric (PV) panels, Solar Thermal Panels, both Ground-Source and Air-Source Heat Pumps, Heat Recovery Systems, Biomass Boilers, Insulation, Draft Exclusion and Energy Monitoring. The range of services that we provide means that we are impartial and offer the products and services that provide the greatest savings and emissions reduction at the lowest cost. We now advise, specify and install renewable energy systems eligible for the Feed in Tariff (FiT) and upcoming Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

We only install the highest quality equipment, with proven performance from leading established manufacturers. We offer state of the art technology which can significantly reduce your energy bills and environmental impact whilst you earn Tax-Free Income. Our systems can provide households with year round heat, power and income. We take our business very seriously and because we have confidence in our products we offer after sales support to every customer including a 10-year insurance backed warranty. We believe it is important to look at the broader environmental picture when providing our service and strive to minimise the environmental impact of our day to day operations. This means sourcing products with the the highest performance and lowest environmental impact – providing an economic, honest and dependable service.

Which technology is suitable for me?

Solar Thermal Heat Pumps Solar Electric (PV)
Hot Water Yes Yes No
Central Heating Not Normally Yes With a Heat Pump
Electricity No No Yes

As we advise, specify and install most types of renewable energy system we are impartial can select the most appropriate technology for our customers using the highest quality equipment with proven performance from established manufacturers. In fact because of this we get many repeat customers! We believe it is important to look at the broader environmental picture when providing our service, this means minimising transport and waste from our day to day operations. We have teams across England, this minimises the distance our teams travel providing a local service. As well as the Really Renewable HQ in Welwyn covering Hertfordshire, Essex and North London we have installation teams in:

  • Leeds, covering Beverley, Hull, Harrogate and surrounding areas.
  • Milton Keynes covering Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and surrounding areas.
  • Bristol covering North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and surrounding areas.
  • Southampton covering Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Winchester and surrounding areas.