Biomass Boilers

Although considered an old fashioned heating method by some, with modern advances our wood gasifying boilers burn wood with maximum efficiency, typically producing 90% less CO2 in combustion than fossil fuels. Modern Pellet boilers have automatic ignition and as they only need to be filled once a month they are as convenient to use as a gas boiler.

Biomass Boilers heat your home and hot water by burning material such as seasoned wood, wood pellets or straw, but the choice is endless. Biomass Boilers are eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) meaning customers can receive significant payments when installing biomass boilers. Biomass Boilers are an ideal choice when your home is off the gas grid.

Really Renewable supply and install a variety of Biomass Boilers from automatic Pellet-Fed Boilers to Hardwood Log Burning Boilers. Whether you go for a Log Burner or a pellet burner depends primarily on your access to seasoned firewood, space to store it and also how often you want to fill the boiler up. Our Biomass Boilers have integrated controllers can control the level of heat being produced, can automatically switch off when desired heating level is met and can give a low fuel warning. A Pellet Boiler takes up around 2 square metres (including pellet feeder) and a log burner around 1 square metre. An insulated Buffer Tank should also be fitted to store the heat ready for use.

All trees absorb carbon from the air, when timber is burned this carbon is released back into the air which in turn is absorbed by trees, therefore the process goes full circle and can be considered Carbon Neutral. Wood is a renewable resource offering a plentiful, sustainable supply.

Please contact us for advice or to arrange for a no obligation quotation, we can then advise you on a system to meet your needs. We know our products, you can leave all of the work to us.

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*Please note if you are on the gas grid there are no incentives to fit a heat pump or biomass boiler under the Green Deal or Renewable Heat Incentive. In this case a modern gas boiler is often the cleanest and most economic option to cut bills and emissions Boilers