Pellet Boilers

Pellet Burners create heat for hot water and central heating by burning pellets made from Wood, Straw or other organic material.

Pellet Burners are convenient as they operate automatically. Pellets go directly into the silo and are automatically fed into the Gasifying Pellet Boiler. The heated water is then transferred to a highly insulated buffer tank where it is stored ready to use.

If space is at a premium then our Log Burning Boilers can be placed in a garage, outhouse or shed with heat supplied through insulated pipes.

To get the most from our Pellet Boilers we can provide a Boiler Shed with a hopper/silo specifically designed for pellet storage as well as an insulated buffer tank to assist efficient boiler operation. Our Boiler Sheds come with an integrated solar thermal collector, further reducing your energy consumption. Having a large stock of pellets gives you the peace of mind that you have enough heating for an extended period and you will never have to manhandle packs; pellets can be blown in; making deliveries cheaper due to ordering in bulk.

Pellet boilers are:

Easy To use
Clean in Operation

Log Burners
Straw Burners

*Please note if you are on the gas grid there are no incentives to fit a heat pump or biomass boiler under the Green Deal or Renewable Heat Incentive. In this case a modern gas boiler is often the cleanest and most economic option to cut bills and emissions Boilers