Draught Exclusion

Draught Exclusion is one of the least expensive ways to reduce your bills!
Most homes leak heat through gaps around their windows and doors, draughts cause cold damp air to be forced in as the warm air is drawn out. You can often feel this as a draft by holding your hand against them in cold weather! In a typical home around 20% of all heat loss is through ventilation and draughts. This has a profound impact on bills but is often overlooked.

In a draught free atmosphere a lower temperature is acceptable, lowering emissions and your bill! Draught Proofing offers the fastest payback, often paying for itself within a year and then saving year in, year out. Draft exclusion can include anything from new letter box flaps and door seals to the sealing of skirting boards.
When draught proofing a property it is critical that the property remains adequately ventilated, this prevents condensation, mould, mildew etc.

Really Renewable have wide range of Draught Proofing materials available – from brushes, foams and sealants to strips and shaped rubber or plastic. Currently a grant of draught proofing or other energy saving measures. Our carefully selected draught proofing materials also guard against ingress of rain and snow, which damages internal decoration.

It is normally best to draught proof after you have fitted insulation to see if this solves the problem first. We ensure quality of fit to maximise comfort and energy saving benefits, and install a wide range of durable products to the BS Code of Practice 7880.

Really Renewable have our own trained draught experts, please Contact Us for an appointment!