Air Source Heat Pumps

Whilst most people have heard of Ground Source Heat Pumps and the high efficiency levels they can offer compared to traditional methods of heating our homes few appreciate that Air Source Heat Pumps are often a better option.

Air Source Heat Pumps unlike GSHP’s, are easy to install, take up very little space and sit outside the property.

Needing only electricity and water to operate, they are highly suited for properties without a mains gas supply.

An Air Source Heat Pump can reduce the CO2 emissions from a domestic property by up to 30 to 35%; even more when combined with other technologies.

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How Air Source Heat Pumps Work
Air Source Heat Pumps FAQs
*Please note if you are on the gas grid there are no incentives to fit a heat pump or biomass boiler under the Green Deal or Renewable Heat Incentive. In this case a modern gas boiler is often the cleanest and most economic option to cut bills and emissions