Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps take the naturally occurring low temperature heat from the ground and upgrade it to a higher temperature for heating your home. This is the most advanced home heating technology available for domestic hot water and space heating. The earth itself is an extremely reliable and consistent source of energy: at a depth of just one metre the temperature stays at a relatively constant 12C all year. Heat Pumps pump a cold liquid through a pipe in the ground where it is heated up. These pipes can be laid horizontally or vertically through boreholes. As Ground Source Heat Pumps convert heat energy rather than generate it through burning fuel they create no harmful emissions and use very little electricity to drive the pump itself.
With a ground source heat pump for every 4KW of heat moved into the house only 1KW of electricity is used by the heat pump. This provides a 400% level of efficiency which is defined as having a Co-efficient Of Performance (COP) ratio of 4:1. When you compare this to modern boilers which are typically 80% efficient the benefits are clear. A heat pump can reduce the CO2 emissions from a domestic property by up to 35 to 40%; even more when combined with other technologies such as Solar Electric (PV) Panels.

*Please note if you are on the gas grid there are no incentives to fit a heat pump or biomass boiler under the Green Deal or Renewable Heat Incentive. In this case a modern gas boiler is often the cleanest and most economic option to cut bills and emissions