Heat Pumps – Is My Property Suitable?

Is my property suitable for a heatpump?

While heat pumps can be used on all properties there is only financial support via the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the Green Deal for properties which are not connected to the gas grid.

A ground source heat pump system costs more than an air source system to install but has lower running costs as the ground is warmer than the air in winter.

Ground source systems can take a lot of outdoor space so air source heat pumps are good for properties off the gas grid with limited outdoor space.

Heat pumps work best with underfloor heating but can be used with low temperature radiators.

Heat pumps work most efficiently at lower temperatures making it important to insulate your property, reducing your demand for heat.

When teamed with solar hot water panels heat pumps do not have to work so hard creating further savings; they do not have to run in summer as hot water is provided from