How Heat Pumps Work

Heat Pumps move heat from the air or ground outside into the home and can provide a total solution for both your Domestic Hot Water (DHW) and space heating needs. Because heat pumps simply convert energy, as opposed to generating it by burning fossil fuels, they are extremely efficient.

Heat pumps work by concentrating low temperature heat from a large space (the source) into higher temperature heat in a small space (heat sink). Heat pumps work using the refrigeration process, it is easiest to think of them as working as a fridge in reverse. They transfer low temperature energy to a refrigeration loop where it compresses the refrigerant gas to a high temperature and transfers this heat to the hot water and heating system (the heat sink). Heat pumps use proven technology and have been used around the world for decades. Heat pumps offer you the opportunity to significantly lower your CO2 emissions, reduce your bills and generate income.

The environment is packed with energy: You have to go as low as -273 °C before every last bit of energy has been removed from it. With a heat pump, you can harvest some of this abundant, limitless supply of natural energy. These systems are still effective at outside temperatures as low as -25 °C. Over a year you can save roughly half of your normal heating costs.

Heat pumps use electricity; if you team your Heat Pump with our Solar Electric (PV) systems you can heat your home with zero carbon emissions for free.

There are 2 main types of Heat Pumps: Ground Source and Air Source. Really Renewable supplies both Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps so you can be assured that we will select the appropriate technology to for your property as we specify and provide all of the components necessary for your installation.

Air Source Heat Pumps
Ground Source Heat Pumps