Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery means recycling some of the heat that would have been expelled into the atmosphere through hot air or waste water. The two main methods are through Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) and Waste Water Heat Recovery (WWHR).

As we improve your homes efficiency through insulation and draught exclusion we intentionally make it more airtight and as a consequence ventilation is reduced. Every home needs fresh air for you to breathe and for the safe operation of combustion appliances such as boilers and cookers. It’s also vital that stale and damp air and pollutants are removed – both for your health, and the integrity of the building.

If you’ve built an energy efficient house, then the system can reduce heating needs of your home. Our HRV systems require little maintenance just keep the filters, grilles and heat exchangers clean.

Waste Water Heat Recovery WWHR
Heat Recovery Ventilation