Heat Recovery Ventilation

Whilst it is important to insulate, good ventilation is equally important to our health and the fabric of our homes. Opening windows is an option, but this poses security risks and heat loss in the colder months.
Heat recovery ventilation provides fresh filtered air, energy efficiency and a comfortable all year round climate for your home.

Whilst Purge Ventilation – opening windows and doors, using extractors in the kitchen and bathroom – the building loses heat and humidity in the winter and gains it in the summer. Both of which are undesirable for the indoor climate and for energy efficiency, since the building’s heating and ventilation systems must compensate. To ensure that you are saving energy but also creating a healthy home, HRV provides fresh air to a building and improves climate control, whilst promoting efficient energy use.

Our Single Room Heat Recovery Units are suitable for retrofitting, humidity controlled and recover up to 70% of the heat lost through ventilation.They ensure adequate ventilation in areas exposed to humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms and prevent damp and mould by removing the damp moisture filled air and replacing it with clean, warm air.

Heat Recovery Ventilation works by passing warm, moist air over a heat exchanger before ducting it outside. Fresh air from outside is drawn in and passed through the heat exchanger, which warms it. Our single room systems collect up to 75% of the heat from the extracted air before returning it into the room, providing savings on energy costs. The unit runs continuously 24 hours a day on a low background trickle rate to provide constant all year round good indoor air quality, controlling humidity levels and reducing condensation.

Our Single Room Heat Recovery units can be quickly installed and come with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee.