Floor Insulation

If you have already fitted loft and wall insulation and want to save even more on your heating bills, then the floor should be your next insulation job.

Up to 15% of heat in a ground floor room can be lost through an uninsulated floor. You can cut up to £100 from your heating bills by insulating and draught proofing the floors in your house.

Insulating your floor also makes it more suitable for underfloor heating as the insulation ensures that heat is directed upwards. If you insulate below the concrete slab it can also be used to store heat from underfloor heating.

Floors on ground level can lose heat and should be insulated if possible. Upstairs, floors normally don’t need to be insulated if the room or space below is heated. But if your room has an unheated space below, like a garage or cellar, you could benefit from floor insulation.

If you are interested in having your floor insulated, please Contact Us.