Spray Foam Insulation

Sprayfoam Insulation is an excellent solution to many buildings with insulation or condensation problems.

Problem Walls such as those with narrow cavities, cavity walls with structural problems or cavity walls constructed with random stone cannot be insulated with normal cavity wall insulation. As a ‘closed-cell’ type of insulation Sprayfoam provides a water proof insulation solution that acts as a structural adhesive bonding the inner and outer walls together whilst providing a higher thermal value than standard cavity wall insulation.

Sprayfoam can also be installed to the underside of roofs, adding to the structural integrity of the roof. Sprayfoam is easy to apply and especially suited to applications where access is an issue. As Sprayfoam totally fills gaps and voids it also excludes many draughts at source.

Why use Sprayfoam?

Maximising energy and carbon savings when space is limited in roofs, floors and walls
Versatile in-situ application suits all types of building design
Structural insulation to overcome structural problems with roofs and cavity walls
Excellent adhesion to all building surfaces;protecting against high winds and floods caused by climate change
Elimination of condensation risk problems
Draught proofing and insulating the total building envelope in one application

Other uses for Sprayfoam are for concrete soffits in underground car parks and garages, agricultural buildings, industrial units, factories and many more.