If you don’t measure it you cannot manage it! Monitoring is an essential part of any renewable energy installation. Understanding how you are using energy to power and heat your home you develops behavioural changes matching your consumption to production. Monitoring enables you to observe when power is being used in a wasteful or irregular manner and target your energy saving measures to where they are most effective.
Using Really Renewable’s accurate data logging equipment you can track, collect, compare and analyse data on energy and resource use; (gas, electricity, water, renewables); and monitor all environmental conditions. Our system is compatible with all types of meter and ambient sensors such as temperature or insolation.
Our monitoring solutions allow you to monitor your homes energy consumption in real time from your pc, tablet or smartphone.

Simple user interface

Live data: web-based, PC or Apple displays
Fully hosted solution, no software to install or maintain, all you need is a web browser and user account
Resilient, high availability service
Total supplier independence, data from anywhere is automatically imported
Automatic alarms on power or equipment failure or critical conditions
Low cost with a typical one year payback


Fully user defined reporting, putting you in control
Standard or customised reports delivered where you want, when you want
User defined Optional display screen
Desktop gadgets for iGoogle and Windows Sidebar