How Solar Electric Works

The Solar Panel

A solar panel is made of glass containing thin sheets of silicon which generate electricity as the sun shines on it. Light strikes the the solar panel it causes electrons to create voltage which flows in direct current (DC) to the inverter in your house.

The DC-AC Inverter

An inverter uses a microprocessor to convert DC electricity generated by the solar panels into AC electricity suitable for use within your property or for exporting to the grid,

Safety Isolators

These switches allow parts of the system to be disconnected to stop the flow of electricity when working on other parts of your electrical system.


To carry the electricity from your roof to your consumer unit (fuse board). High quality double insulated cabling is necessary to transmit the DC current.

Export Meter

An export meter measures how much you are paid for electricity you export to the grid.

Generating Money
Is My Home Suitable?