What is Solar Thermal?

Solar Thermal (or solar hot water) is a proven technology with over 40,000 systems currently installed throughout the UK and quite literally millions in Germany which has similar weather to the UK.

In the UK Solar Thermal should provide all of your hot water needs during the summer and between 10% and 30% of your needs in the winter months. Much of the reason for this difference is due to fewer daylight hours although performance is affected slightly by the outside temperature. Over the year this should average at around 60% of a typical houses hot water needs. Designing a system to supply all your hot water needs in the winter is not advisable as this will be massively oversized in the summer months. Instead most people use their central heating system as a backup.

Solar Thermal is generally suitable hot water not space heating. This is partly because when the sun is at its strongest there is less demand for central heating and vice-versa. Additionally for most buildings the requirement for space heating is much larger than that for hot water.

Solar Thermal is simple to maintain, has proven reliability, and and is generally one of the least expensive renewable technologies. Our Solar Thermal Systems These systems can generally save the CO2 emitted in their manufacture within a few months of installation.

Solar Hot water panels are an ideal accompaniment to heat pumps and wood burners as they can be switched off in summer and solar can manage the domestic hot water.
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