How Solar Hot Water Works

A water and glycol (antifreeze) mixture is pumped through a collector (panel) on your roof where it is heated by the sun. Once heated it is pumped through a twin-coil hot water cylinder,where it heats the water. A modern well-insulated hot water cylinder will keep this water warm for at least 24 hours until required. Our systems are optimised for the UK’s weather and hot water can be produced even on relatively cloudy days. Your boiler only fires up when the solar collector is not providing sufficient hot water.

A Solar Thermal Installation consists of 6 main components:

The Solar Thermal Panel.

A solar water heating system uses panels (collectors) which contain a heat transfer fluid; often antifreeze and a corrosion inhibitor. The collector absorbs solar energy and the heat transfer fluid becomes hot.


The pump moves the heat transfer liquid around the system.


To control the speed of the pump dependent on the temperature of the panel

Insulated Pipework

Carries the heat transfer fluid around the system


To connect the pump and controller

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